Monday, January 10, 2005

Winter Wonderland

Most people who know me would not say that I am an outdoorsy type of gal. I've always thought it would be cool to be the type of girl who goes rock climbing, hiking or camping but it's just not me. The last time I went camping it was in high school and my friend Anna when we went with her family to the Yogi Bear Jellystone campgrounds in Wisconsin. They had a pool there. And showers. Needless to say, it was not real camping. And to top it off, we couldn't even cut it at cartoon camping because it was so unbelievably hot and humid that we ended up sitting in the car with the air conditioning on half the time. I'm kind of girly like that.

Also, you may have noticed that I have an adverse reaction to cold. Combine this with my lack of outdoor sporting skills and you can imagine what I might say when Juliana asks me to go sledding with her. Let me put it this way: I hate sledding. "How can you hate sledding?" you're probably thinking. "Everybody loves sledding!" I have never liked it, even as a kid. I remember going sledding with my Dad and brother and although I enjoyed the first couple of runs down the hill, after about 10 minutes I was cold, wet, tired, and pretty much over the whole experience. There was also the time where I was slammed into by a bunch of teenagers on a gigantic wooden toboggan so that probably didn't help much either. My Dad always made me wear a bright red ski mask too. Enough said.

Anyway, Jason had taken Juli sledding in the backyard on Saturday, so Sunday was my turn, whether I liked it or not.

And I'm so glad I went out there with her!

Ok, so I didn't go down the hill myself. But it was worth freezing my butt off and soaking my jeans to watch her toddle up and down the hill in her purple snowsuit and scream with delight every time I sent her flying down on the snow tube. And oh my god was that snow tube FAST! I had picked a spot where she hopefully wouldn't go careening onto the frozen pond (because I'm a responsible parent who heeds the sign posted that reads NO SKATING with the illustration of the little stick man drowning on it), but a couple of times she managed to veer off a bit, sending me into a panicked mom sprint down the hill, diving for the sled and practically landing on my face. It also didn't help much that a few yards over was a group of older kids who were flying over a little snow ramp and plummeting right down to the iced over pond. Thanks guys. As if it's not enough that my child is a natural-born daredevil- she doesn't need any new inspiration.

All in all though, it was time well spent. Photo documentation coming soon.

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  1. I called your house while you were out there, and when Jason picked up the phone, he was laughing at you as you dove after Juli. Ava was in the background squealing and shrieking with delight, "DAAAAAAIIIIIIIEEE! DAAA!"