Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Bring It

"Civil rights is making sure that all aspects of our society..... are open for everyone."

-G.W. Bush


  1. Too bad the Iraqis will probably have that before we will... They'll have one vote for one person before we will.

  2. I had a good laugh when I heard that quote yesterday! When I went to go write it down I was tempted to put a big asterisk next to the word everyone*** because come on, we all know he didn't really mean everyone, right?
    I like to cover my sadness with sarcasm.

  3. I must say with all do respect Sarah. Don�t you Sarah even know what civil rights are? I tend to think not. Maybe you need to view the 13th and 14th amendments. I must also say that your comparison of Iraq civil rights to ours is absolutely ridiculous. I assume by your brutish comments that your eight-grade education or maybe your community college education isn't paying off. Before you talk about something atleast have some kind of ideal of your subject. To compare a whole nation of people (Iraq) to whom once lived in slavery to the freedoms of America. I believe there is only one group in our country that can speak about the wrong doings when comes to civil rights.
    I can understand being misinformed but to be totally literate is another thing. I see history class wasn't a required subject. Running a little low on brain cells I see... Your propaganda is a joke. Are you guys serious? Now you're going blame us republicans for the Electoral College voting system? Tracy laugh every time I look in at every thick headed imperviousness thought you have Tracy against the morality right crowd. Keep it a coming Tracy. Me and my husband need a good laugh:)

  4. Well, you say tomato I guess.
    My comment wasn't about the electoral system. It was about Bush not really wanting to include all kinds of Americans in his idea of civil rights. Meaning, he doen't really intend for all areas of society to be open to every person like he stated. I thought I was being pretty clear.
    I only wish I could understand why you desire to spend so much time discussing politics with some random person like me. If you disagree with me so much, I suggest you look for someone else who shares your points of view. Even though I disagree with you on just about everything, I have never once said anything to put you down or make references to your level of education (and believe me with your spelling and grammar I have had to hold back quite a bit). Statements like "your eighth-grade education" or "totally illiterate" do nothing to serve the debate and are merely used to make you feel better about yourself. Hey, I've got thick skin and can take insults from strangers but on a couple of occasions you have directly insulted friends of mine and that's not cool. At times you have been perfectly nice to chat with but as soon as the politics come up the name calling starts and I simply don't care to have any of that on my site. Maybe it's time we took a break from each other? See other people? I think it would be good for both of us. :-)
    I'm glad I can give you a laugh since you have been providing me and my husband with such entertainment for quite some time now!
    Catch ya later. It's been fun. God bless the internet.

  5. "I must say with all do respect Sarah. Don�t you Sarah even know what civil rights are? I tend to think not. Maybe you need to view the 13th and 14th amendments."
    Since Tracey won't say it, I will. My heavens, woman. Please do not insult another's education level until you learn how to construct a proper sentence in English.

  6. Interestingly enough, I have a degree in English and rhetoric from a very good university. I have also begun work toward a graduate degree in English (and stopped for a while to have a family).
    I don't know what you get out of putting other people down. Please discuss the issues instead of making ad hominem attacks.
    I did not say that Iraq HAS those rights or even that they will have those rights anytime soon; however, the Bush administration has made it clear that it's not concerned with whether WE have those rights. Hence, the logical conclusion when he's talking about making sure people have civil rights is that he's going to try to work on that over there--as he has on the Iraqi educational system, among other things--before doing anything about his own country. It's ridiculous for us to go out and be some arrogant "nation builder" when we can't even get things straight here.
    Please read the Patriot Act and tell me where MY "inalienable" civil rights are.
    Sarah ~:)

  7. My English is perfectly fine. I have a law degree from Northwestern University and Master of Laws (LL.M.) in taxation from Cornell University here in (NYC). While being married and raising a family of three children. I practice federal and corporate litigation cases all over the country for whom ever it may concern. So you're not talking to someone who has no clue about how our country works on the federal and local level. For I gave no insults in my last posting. I apologize if my remarks were taken incorrectly. But I will not take them back. If you call yourself a responsible person please give correct information on your topics.
    So all I ask as we spend time seeing other pp. (for strange remark on your part). I spend very little time sweet heart looking and responding to your comments on your site as you may think. I don't eat and sleep off what Tracy has to say. Movies and politics seem be a shallow lifestyle to comment on every single day. I'll like to share one piece of advice to you Tracy for your consideration. Spend more time on your research. When morality is the only means of attacking our president (good morals he has I must say). Something is wrong with the message and maybe even the messenger. Good site. Everyone have a great weekend.

  8. No insults?
    "I assume by your brutish comments that your eight-grade education or maybe your community college education isn't paying off"
    "Running a little low on brain cells I see..."
    I'll say it again: Comments like these do nothing to serve the debate. Putting other people down to make yourself look better is simply childish and the topic at hand ends up getting ignored as people start defending their credentials. If you honestly don't feel that calling people thick-headed and illiterate is insulting, then I suppose there's nothing I can do about that.
    I'll also say this again: If you have such a problem with my views then please find some other random person's site to post on. This site is for me to have fun, vent my frustrations, and talk about my "shallow" interests. I realize that I make it public but I don't do this so I can get into fights with strangers. My comment about "seeing other people" was basically a nice way of saying "Why don't you go bother someone else?" I certainly don't think you hang on every word I say, but seeing that you have commented on nearly every political post I've made since November (a total of 25 postings in just over two months on my two weblogs), I can only draw the conclusion that you visit my site on a regular basis. We also have gotten into a number of discussions about politics that I don't think we will ever reach an agreement on so I'm saying why not just leave it at that. It's a waste of time for both of us to keep going back and forth.
    I thank you for every nice comment you have made about my family. Go forth, be happy, and for God's sake if you really are a lawyer, please give your paralegals a raise for all the editing they must have to do for you!