Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Post That Will Make No Sense To Anyone Who Is Not A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fan

buffy season 5 cast

Jason and I finally finished watching our dvd box set of the Buffy Season 5. When the season originally aired I spent a lot of time complaining about it and comparing it to previous, more superior seasons. However, upon a second viewing, I have now realized just how awesome Season 5 really was and that all the suckiness of it would have been cleared up if they had simply cast someone, ANYONE other than Clare Kramer as the big bad hell-god Glory. All they needed was to find an actress who could be scary and commanding as well as snarky and funny at the same time. Instead they went with a whiny, Valley-Girl type with a penchant for severely over-acting (i.e. lot of stomping around while waving the arms) and bad enunciation. Every single episode in which Glory does not make an appearance is really really good. And in the episodes that she does appear in, the writing itself is great- along with all the other actors. I'm even willing to overlook my beef with Dawn's character (although I still think they should have killed her off in the season finale.) Plus, Riley leaves mid-season in order to make way for more delicious Buffy & Spike interaction. BUFFY & SPIKE 4-EVA!! (Sorry, I couldn't resist...)

The other thing I just couldn't stomach about Season 5 though, were those dorky Knights of Byzantium that surfaced trying to destroy the key (a.k.a. Dawn) before Glory could find her. Why is it that I am able to suspend my idea of reality enough to where I can accept the existence of vampires, demons, and pint-sized-bouncy-haired slayers, but when the dudes dressed in Medieval gear riding horses show up I'm all, "COME ON! Who's going to believe THAT?"

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  1. I concur. Come on. Human beings? ON HORSES? NO WAY!
    I also agree overall on Season 5. Glory, Schmory. I have to say I'd have to watch the season again in order to fully appreciate your comments on Clare Kramer. I didn't see enough of the season when it was originally on to make an intelligent comment on her acting skills. All I remember is that I don't remember much about it, and seeing as I can (almost) tell you the color of Buffy's underwear during that HOT, FUCKING HOT SHIT OH MY GOD WAS THAT HOT fuckfest with Spike in the Fall of the House of Somebody scene, that says a lot. Pretty un-noteworthy. Same for Riley.
    Dawn? Nodding again. I would have been rather pleased if they'd ended it with little bloody Dawny bits splattering on the camera lens.
    Rumors abound of a new animated Buffy series from Jane Espenson...
    and my friend Ron at work said he'd heard of a new show that's Sunnydale-centered, although what he was referring to and the above link may be the same thing. I dunno. :)