Monday, October 30, 2006

Whatever Happens in Rockford...

After having a weekend filled with quips like, "I'm am SO totally blogging this moment!" there comes the pressure of actually having to live up to it in the blogosphere. (Yes, I said the word "blogosphere" but our President says "The Google" so give me a break.)

I will say this: You haven't really enjoyed your high school reunion until you've crashed the actual high school party next door. Yes, I'm talking a party with real live seventeen-year-olds wearing Village People costumes and NBA-style afros. They will boo you and call you lame but it will be awesome nonetheless, even if it's in your own mind.

Also, a little Bon Jovi never hurt anyone. Seriously, are we really that old that in a crowd of 70-odd people we could only get five or six to shake a little groove thing? It's not like we're going to be seeing each other for another ten years or anything...

Shout-outs to Shiow and Mr. Puri for rocking the Perkins at our own private reunion after-party. (Paul, where have you been all my life? My love for people with a penchant for sarcastic banter has no bounds. Hence, my love for Shiow.)

....Ok, I'm a terrible blogger and I can't live up to the hype. I will end now by asking anyone who was there taking pictures to please email some (because apparently many of you have found me here on the internet without my knowledge- what's up with that?)

Or maybe you'd rather save the photos and use them as blackmail in the future. Whatever.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Wish Me Luck

My 10-year high school reunion is tonight.

Woo AHS! 96!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I Can't Help It

I know I should just ignore the man but Rush Limbaugh makes himself such an easy target. (Yes, I know that's how he likes it.)

My favorite part (aside from how he's taking a page from the Bill Frist School of Armchair Diagnostics) is when he complains about Fox "shilling for a Democratic politician." And just who does Limbaugh shill for? Panda bears? If I was even remotely famous I'd be shilling everywhere. Obama wouldn't be able to get rid of me.

Since I like the fact that I figured out how to insert YouTube videos now, I give you the ad in question here:

Oh my, I must pull my head out of all this pre-election news. It is addicting and all the negativity makes me a sad panda.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Oh lordy, I love this man. It's the next best thing to Jon Stewart running for president.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

TV is Magic

I don't normally like many commercials (and thanks to DVRs I rarely have to see them!) but I really like this latest one of Dove' s from their "Real Beauty" campaign.

Neat-o. Just thought I'd share.

NEVER Go to Bed Early When The Bears Are Down 20-3 in the Third Quarter!

I can't believe I missed the end of this game. It sounds ridiculous beyond comprehension.

I guess the true fans are always rewarded for sticking it out until the end. ;-)

Monday, October 16, 2006


I took a little hiatus from the weekly weigh-in post and am doing a two week update instead. I managed to drop two more pounds in the first week but during the second week I had a little slip-up so I stayed the same. Something involving a bag of tortilla chips and some mango peach salsa. And there may have been a few chocolate chip cookies present as well. And a hot dog. (I know, gross! I normally think hot dogs are pretty icky but for some reason it sounded really, really good at the time. Darn deprivation.)

So... I'm a bit stalled for now but my focus is renewed this week and I should be back on track pretty soon. Losing eleven pounds in five weeks is pretty cool but I'm also really concerned about gaining it all back so I'm planning on going over and above my goal for when I do go back to eating "normally." Whatever that is. Do I know what that is yet?

Oh-my-god those cookies were so good.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I'm registering to vote in Wisconsin for the first time this week! I love, love, love to vote. Even when the results leave me depressed and curled up in a ball for a week contemplating moving to New Zealand I still love to vote. And this will be the first time I will be voting in a mid-term election so I'm very hyped about that. I am cautiously optimistic about this year but I stress the work cautiously. I feel like the country may finally be ready for change but you never know what can happen in the final weeks and days leading up to a national election. Plus, my poor liberal soul is still smarting from two years ago and I don't think I can take that kind of letdown again.

Still, all four of us will excitedly trek to the polls on November 7th (we like to take the girls with because you're never to young to learn HOW IMPORTANT voting is) and I will no doubt stay up late that night to watch the restults roll in.

And hopefully there will be no talk about Hobbit holes.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Boring McBored-y Pants from Bore Town, USA

I don't really have anything interesting to say lately. I've been thinking about food and exercise a lot lately because of this diet-thingy and although it helps me stay focused when I update about it weekly, I think it's a fairly boring topic to blog about and it makes me feel like I'm the kind of girl who goes around asking everyone, "Do these jeans make my butt look fat?"

Soooo......yeah. I was looking at the new lettuce I bought last week and I was mildly amused to see that the reason I like it so much is because it's ALIVE!!!


Here's a closer look:


Absolutely fresh because it's still alive!


Rooty goodness. Dude, I'm totally only eating things that are living from now on.

All joking aside, it is actually is very good. In fact, I'm going to go have some right now because that's the kind of boring food I eat these days.

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Weekly Weigh-In

I'm down three more pounds this week and off the diet soda (for now) as well! I've been drinking lots of water and green tea instead. Yummy. Let's see if I can take off ten more before this reunion thingy at the end of the month. It seems like a good deadline and I like deadlines.

Go me.