Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Clooney: 1, O'Reilly: 0

From the New York Daily News:

On Wednesday, the Fox-TV talkmeister questioned Clooney's sincerity regarding the "Ocean's Twelve" star's tsunami-relief telethon on NBC, airing Saturday night. "If George Clooney and other stars go on TV and ask you to give, then they had better be involved all the way down the line," O'Reilly said Wednesday.

Clooney simply responded by inviting O'Reilly to be a presenter on the show. "This way, you can personally follow up on our fund-raising. This is your chance to put your considerable money where your considerable mouth is.

"Either you ante up and help out, or you simply stand on the sidelines and cast stones, proving that your Jan. 6 TV show was nothing more than a 'box of lights and wires' designed to make you wealthy."

The letter was signed simply, "Your fan, George Clooney."


However, as much as I enjoy a good O'Reilly smackdown, you still couldn't pay me to go see Ocean's 12.

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