Sunday, January 23, 2005

Because I Live In the Land Of Ponies and Unicorns, That's Why


Well, it turns out that the waiting list for tickets to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart stretches on into July. Of course, only a person like me would think that merely weeks in advance I could get tickets to an insanely popular television show whose related book was a #1 best seller this past fall. ONLY ME. What is wrong with my brain that allows me to believe in such fantasies? Needless to say, our trip to NYC is now on hold until this summer because I am just that obsessed with seeing this show. Go ahead, make fun. HOWEVER, lest Jason and I be vacationless, we will be instead flying out to Las Vegas to stay at The Bellagio. Mmmmmmm. Bellagio. One of my most favorite places ever. It looks like we will be getting a pretty sweet deal on an airfare/hotel stay combo too. Can I say it again? Mmmmmmm. Bellagio. If all goes according to plan, we will be dining at this place very soon.

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