Monday, March 26, 2012

So....This happened

Ava riding her bike with no training wheels! I let her ride to the park with her friends and then I promptly stalked them in the car. :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Some Things I Have Learned in 34 Years

You can't make everyone happy.

No matter how hard you try, or how good you are, somebody is going to be disappointed in the decision you make. I've reached a point in my life where I'm ok with that. Related:

You won't like everyone and everyone won't like you.

I've put myself out there a lot in the past few years. For a long time I was wrapped up in family and babies and didn't really have a social life. Now that I have friends and a social circle and places to be other than at my kids' school or playgroups, I'm still kind of surprised and confused sometimes by the way people interact. I've come a long way with my social awkwardness though and I think a lot of it has to do with realizing that not everyone has to like me. I'm kind of annoying if you're not into running or sci fi television or artsy fartsy dance. The flip side is that I don't have to include people that aren't worth my time into my own life. Win.

Being immature is fun. So is returning to maturity again.

Running 197 miles across state lines with 11 friends in a couple of crudely decorated vans, making countless "That's What She Said" jokes and dancing to 1990s music was a highlight of last year for me. But I also love that I got to come home and be plain old mom again the next day. People count on me and although sometimes it can be a drag, I like being a grown-up overall.

Be grateful for everything you have. All the time.

Didn't you read my post from the other day? ;)

Fighting over politics isn't worth it.

I will still believe what I believe just as strongly whether or not I let myself get drawn into a virtual shouting match over some political issue via Facebook. Odds are, the person on the other side of the issue will feel continue to feel just as strongly too- in the opposite direction. These days I save my breath for talking to people who's minds still have the possibility of being changed. And if there's nobody left out there like that, I simply put my money where my mouth is, support the causes and people I believe in, and vote, vote, vote.

All that crap about remembering to use sunscreen? It's totally true.

Do what makes you happy. Ignore people who tell you it is dumb, harmful or a waste of time.

"Running long distances is bad for you. You shouldn't eat meat, or carbs, or sugar, or caffeine, or anything that doesn't grow from the earth. Don't drink wine or beer or margaritas. (Insert activity here) is the only real way to be fit. Blogging/Twitter/Social Media is dumb. Why would anybody ever spend their time doing (fill in the blank)."

Don't care, don't care, don't care. I'm old enough to know how my body responds to things. I'm also in pretty gosh darn good shape. And even with things outside of fitness, I know what makes me feel good and I know how I want to spend my time. I do some things you probably do yourself, but I also do a lot of things you probably would never do. That's cool. I'm not asking you to do them.

The idea of camping is awesome. But so is a super comfy hotel bed.

I'll say it again: Be happy.

Life is too short to waste time doing stuff you don't care about. If we're stuck here we might as well find out what makes us tick. Stop to smell the roses, scratch the surface, survey the landscape. We're all going to wake up one day and it will be almost over.

And when all else fails: Fish Face.