Monday, January 3, 2005

Teen Movies and Geekdom

Jason and I watched the movie "Saved!" last night. It wan't too bad. The jokes were a bit too obvious (yet still funny though) and parts were fairly predictable and overly dramatic but it was a fine movie to rent. I can't believe that I actually watched and enjoyed a movie with Mandy Moore and Macauley Culkin in it. What has happened to me? I am, however, the type of person who is considering painting their bedroom taupe, so I have all but lost my hipster status anyway. The movie did have Martin Donovan in it, which was the selling point for me. That man could be in a movie roller skating on his hands with a bunch of monkeys and I would pay money to see it.

Anyway, the original reason I wanted to post was to remind myself that another thing I want to do in this new year is re-read the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy now that I have seen all of the movies. Jason and I also plan to carve out a chunk of time where we will watch all three extended editions of the movies back to back. This will require nearly 12 hours of time to accomplish though, so we will of course need babysitters and lots of sustenance to complete the task.

One of my favorite t-shirts I have is one that reads "I Heart My Geek." I am seriously thinking that Jason may need to get one of his own.

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