Monday, January 3, 2005

And The Crazy Just Keeps Happening

I hate being such a downer but I could not believe the atrocious garbage I heard coming from Fred Phelps this morning (you know, the guy who pickets at the funerals of gay people? A real compassionate soul.) Anyway, apparently he is praising the tsunami for killing Swedish tourists since he hates Sweden. Whaa? Just when I think I've heard it all... If you just have to see this for yourself, you can find it here.


  1. I 100% don't agree with gay lifestyles but I find this pieace of news of what this guy doings. Not all of us christians are zealots like this baptist Pastor Phelps. He and people that does some this stuff give a bad reflection upon our stance of purity. But always a few bad apples amoung every group.
    I think if you do so research. You'll find that finicially we didn't get much support from the world on 9/11. But I hope we don't make this horrible event into a political tug of war. For the main importance is the people and not all ones trying get attention and make name for themselves. Any one that tries make this into a political or draw attention to themselves like this crazy guy. Should be ashamed of themselves. First time I've heard of this self proclaimed pastor. Thanks for the knowledge

  2. I surely don't think all Christians are like this jerk. In fact, he seems to be the opposite of what a Christian should be. It just disheartens me that ANYBODY can be this hate-filled. And the fact that he also has many many people who visit his site, go to his rallys and support him makes me ill. Blah.