Friday, January 21, 2005

First Tinky-Winky, Now Spongebob?

I have no words for this one.


  1. Give me a break. You'd think he'd have better fashion sense if that were the case.
    Okay, that was a cheap shot based on a really bad stereotype.... I just think people are insane to make these comments. These are cartoon characters, people!
    Thanks for posting this, Tracey... I am just not surprised at stuff like this anymore. UGH!

  2. I think a person have a right to bring up an issue when deals with their children. Atleast get down to if the charge is correct or not. Apparently Sarah you don't have children. I think if you want be totally fair and balance on this non story, Liberal Cnn isn't the place to quote from. I'm christian and this is the first time I heard of this story. I think whole story wasn't worth time to even report it. You guys just need realize, that we christians is still here and our voice still count. Worthless story. I guess a slow news day.

    I'm just sayin....
    I'd cut and paste a few more links but I'm bored of this story already after seeing it on two different news broadcasts yesterday.
    Sarah- You and your lovely daughter rock!
    The best part of the worthless story though, is when the Spongebob creator said he considered his characters to be asexual. Well, of course! They're CARTOONS! Some people just have too much time on their hands if they're going to start worrying about the sexual habits of animated creatures.

  4. wow a whole list of liberal media outlets. Must of been a strain to compile such an list I find your researching very funny. Its the teaching of this ridiculus charactor (if it's true or not)regardless if animated or not. I htink parents need do the teaching and stop relying on dvd's of these cartoons to raise their children. Yes I do have too much time even replying to such a worthless topic. I agree

  5. Actually, I do have a child... and another on the way. I'm even a Christian. My husband is even studying and hopes to be a minister in the next year. Look at that!
    Sometimes our preconceptions and misconceptions about other people are more dangerous than anything anyone else can say or do.
    Anyway... The Drudge Report is hardly a "liberal media outlet," Cindy. Read up on it, and you'll see that he was the one to break the Clinton-Monica cigar story, for Pete's sake. This is not a guy who wants the "liberal agenda" to go anywhere, if such a thing even exists. I think you're giving the liberals way too much credit anyway, by the way.
    A video on tolerance might be bothersome to Dobson, but why didn't he talk about why he didn't like the video rather than saying that a silly cartoon character has any kind of sexual preference? He didn't address the real issues he had with the video, which just shows that they didn't have a whole lot of basis in fact.

  6. Hee. My extensive research invovled typing "Spongebob" and "gay" into Google. Maybe I should have included the link from Fox News? I thought Drudge and the more conservative-leaning ABC about covered it.
    Whatever. Doesn't really matter.
    I also agree that parents need to stop relying on television characters to raise their kids. However, kids can enjoy a good cartoon now and then and not even think about, or care for that matter, if Spongebob wants to get busy with Patrick. THEY'RE TWO-DIMENSIONAL CHARACTERS PEOPLE. I doubt they could do it if they wanted to.
    Sarah- word on the Drudge comment. I also agree that people give liberals too much credit! How on earth does a majority party that controls the House, the Senate and the presidency always manage to make themselves out to be the underdog? It's genius, I tell you!
    Gosh, I do love the internet.