Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Current Soundtrack

If I were a 23-year-old Welsh pop singer I would be Aimee Duffy.

Monday, May 19, 2008

It's Back!

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After not blooming at all last year, we nursed our crabapple tree back again. I wish it would stay like this all summer.

Makes Me All Warm and Fuzzy Inside


Barack and 75,000 people in Portland, Oregon yesterday.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


My knee hurts. Thanks to my penchant for obsessive compulsive training and addiction to the Runners High. My internet research leads me to believe that it is my ilio-tibial band (or IT band) that is the culprit and this past week I've been trying to "rest" it so-to-speak, spending quality time with a frozen bag of peas and upping my intake of anti-inflammitory medication (good old ibuprofen.) At the gym it makes me sad to only work on the elliptical and weights while shunning the treadmill because frankly it's just not the same! Wah. It's the strangest thing to be running along with no fatigue in the body at all but suddenly have to stop because of a small sharp pain on the side of the knee. I'm trying to be smart about it and not make things worse- and actually after my jog this morning it's feeling a lot better than last week- but I'm like a train that can't be stopped sometimes. It makes my body depressed not to get exercise and I feel all dumpy and cranky and basically like a sad panda all around.

Plus I have to be in top shape to run the Milwaukee Race for the Cure in September! Steph and I did the walk seven years ago in Madison in the rain and finished in 59 minutes. Don't laugh! At least it was under an hour right? I should be able to blow 3 miles away in 30 minutes easily if I'm not all gimpy in the knee. Before I became all hobbled I could blast through 5+ miles no problem so 3 should be a piece of cake. Don't worry, I'll be hitting you all up for money once the date gets closer.

Friday, May 2, 2008

I love these New Balance running ads.

I especially like this one because I'm always jealous when I'm in the car and I drive by people running along the lake:

I swear I must have an addictive personality. I guess it's fortunate that I'm not addicted to bad things.