Thursday, April 21, 2005

Since I Went Ahead and Talked About It I Suppose I Should Give Some Sort of Update

So my new diet/exercise regimen is going pretty well so far. I got my new headphones that clip onto my ears and stay snug as a bug when I'm out walking. I'm still just at the brisk walking phase but may work up to running at some point. I haven't decided yet since I'm in a pretty good groove with the walking and alternating it with my stationary bike. Anyway, I've lost five pounds and feel wonderful despite Jason eating barbeque buffalo wings and Moose Tracks ice cream with butterscotch topping in front of me. Someday that metabolism of his will fall completely to pieces. Mark my words. But anyhow the point of the story is: Go Me! (Insert Snoopy Dance here.) I went ahead and bought myself a new swimsuit for this summer and I'm actually looking forward to wearing it. I can be pretty dedicated to things if I get in the right frame of mind.

P.S. For all you Buffy fans, I will include this photo of Nicholas Brendon doing his verision of the Snoopy Dance.

P.P.S. No, I will not post pictures of myself in the swimsuit. I do draw the line somewhere.


  1. Wait, you lost 5 pounds in like a WEEK??
    Boo on you Tracey! Just wait until you're 30! ;)
    Congrats on Juli reading. Surely it wasn't without good parental guidance that she accomplished such a milestone!

  2. Well, more like ten days. :-) I know I'm in for it a few years down the road though. Three to be exact!