Tuesday, April 12, 2005

More Proof That I Am Part Elfin or Another Reason To Buy More Gear

Last night in another attempt to start getting in better shape, I asked Jason if I could borrow his iPod so I could go for a walk/run and listen to music at the same time. I have never been a runner outside of being on the track team in 8th grade but it's something I've been meaning to try for a while because I know it would feel really, really good. So I set out last night on a brisk walk in order to ease myself into it, listening to Aphex Twin and feeling good. However, the second I started to break into a run the little ear bud headphones fell out of my ears. I tried shoving them in there any way I couuld but my ears are simply to small for them to stay in. I would run about fifty yards and out they would pop again. I suppose I could have just run in silence but something about my body refuses to do that. When I'm listening to music I can kind of zone out and get in a really good groove but without it, I'm suddenly hyper-aware of the fact that I'm running down the street in my suburban neighborhood and I get really self-conscious. Plus, can I just say that the scenery of townhouse after townhouse is hardly exciting? I need a little Liz Phair sining in my ear to keep me motivated. I saw another guy out running who had sporty headphones on his head so I know that's what I need. Because apparently I just don't have enough stuff yet. Of course, it's for a good purpose though if I have my health in mind. It seems that I've gained 5 to 6 pounds back after losing all my pregnancy weight last year so I'm kicking into a new diet/fitness regimen and I'd really like to start including some outdoor activity. Hopefully now that I've put it in writing I'll actually stick with it! On the plus side, after walking for a half an hour last night I felt spectacular and full of energy. Too bad it's going to rain all day today. Poop on bad weather.


  1. Two thoughts Tracey:
    Like you, I have wee teeny tiny ears, and most headphones don't fit me like they are supposed to. I finally got a set of Phillips headphones that clip over my ear but have no headband attached. So they're like earbuds with extra support and I love them!
    Also, don't know how you're easing into your running, but when I first started running last year, I did a program that was 3 minutes walking, 3 minutes running, building in increments of less walking and more running. It's reallllly tough to run for like 15 minutes straight and a lot of new runners get discouraged by how hard it is to just RUN. The walk/run program is much easier to stick with and your endurance builds over time!
    Just my 2 cents...good luck to you!

  2. Thanks Diane! I'm definitely going to try the 3-3 thing you suggested. Also, shopping for new headphones this weekend!