Friday, April 1, 2005

Now I Know Why The Internet Scares the Bejeezus Out Of Some People

It has come to my attention that there is person on the internet who is having some kind of identity crisis where they are claiming my family as their own. Why anyone would do such a thing is a beyond me. You can find said person here or here. If you prefer to see the entire web address you can find them at the following:

Do with this information what you will.

UPDATE: Well, apparently the sites have been taken down. I'm happy but still very creeped out.


  1. Hey Tracey,
    I saw on your website this morning about the other "fake" Gessner websites, and I left a comment on each of them just as you did. Now, I just went to check the sites out again, and I'm sure that you already saw it, but they can't be found, so hopefully the crazo person got the hint.

  2. Too creepy. I'm glad they took all of your stuff off their sites.

  3. Hi Tracey. I see what someone do to pictures of your girls, internet is a dangerous place to beautiful girls ;)...don't care about this...those peoples are sick. But ,your girls is perfect .. =)) Kisses for you and your babies.
    =******* ( your daughters really call evie and sthella ? )

  4. Sorry ,it's me, again... put protection against clicks in your photos...don't is many secury ,but ok! =)))

  5. Oh my gosh, I kept hoping this was an April Fool's joke. I'm sorry this happened to you, Tracey. I can't believe someone would be so freaky. Makes me scared about the photos of my baby cousin I posted. Eek.

  6. OK, I missed it all! What happened??? I tried to click on the links but obviously they aren't working now. Is this something I should be concerned about too? Oh dear, the freaks are coming out. So sorry Tracey for whatever it was that this person did, sounds creepy.