Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Gettin' Some Cultcherin'

Saturday afternoon Jason and I went to see a play at New American Theatre in Rockford. I would link to NAT's website but apparently that's impossible since they DON'T HAVE ONE. Maybe I'm being catty but who on earth doesn't have a website these days? I know they're an arts organization in a arts-resistant town but come on. I actually had to purchase tickets for the show over the phone. (I kid you, NAT. Sort of.)

Anyway, aside from their lack of tech savvy, the production was really quite good. We saw a play written by Alan Ball (creator of HBO's Six Feet Under) called "Five Women Wearing the Same Dress." It was about five different women (obviously) who are all bridesmaids at a wedding. Basically they are hiding out in a bedroom at the reception gossiping, laughing, complaining, and telling stories in an attempt to avoid the festivities downstairs. The style was kind of in the vein of Sex and the City- a sort of "what women really talk about when men aren't around" deal. It was pretty funny, although some of the jokes seemed a little old (but since it was written in 1992 I guess I have to cut Alan Ball some slack.) The only thing Jason and I didn't like was towards the end when they introduced a male character who really did not mesh with the rest of the cast. Basically, he was supposed to come in and sweep the very independent Samantha Jones-type character off her feet and begin to change her hardened views about men. Well first of all, the actor in the role didn't come across as very charming or masculine at all, and it was really hard to believe that the girl would every fall for his type so easily. Plus, he had that very "actor-ish" way of acting. You know those theatre guys who TALK REALLY LOUD and are overly animated to the point where they become a caricature of themselves? Kind of like that comedy sketch from Mr. Show where Bob Odenkirk is yelling "LOOK AT ME! I'M A BIIIIIG ACTOR. I YELL THE LOUDEST! BLAH-DEE-BLAH-DEE-BLAH!" That's how it was. (Apologies to those who have never seen Mr. Show but I think you still will get my point.) The women in the play were all very natural for the most part so it was a very odd shift when he entered the stage. Overall, we really did enjoy the show and it was nice to get out and see some theatre for a change. We usually see a lot of visual art and dance so this makes me want to get out and see more plays now.

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  1. Check out Artists' Ensemble. A lot of people who were tired of the politics at NAT left over the past few years, and now they're all together again: http://www.artistsensemble.org/