Friday, April 29, 2005

The Curse Continues

Those of you who know me best (*ahem* Jason and Steph,) are already aware of this problem I have where whenever I think I can take care of something quickly it will inevitably turn into a gigantic mess that takes two hundered times longer than I thought it would and I end up pulling my hair out and screaming and OH THE DRAMA that ensues. These tasks usually involve a computer or another technological device of some kind, but it seems that the simpler the task should be the longer it will take me. And don't even get me started on the phrase of death that I dare not utter anymore which is,

"I'll just get this one thing done REALLY QUICK."

The two latest big purchases that we have made- Jason's new camera and my beloved laptop- though wonderful, have been raising hell for me when it comes to having photos printed at Costco. Last week when I picked up my batch of photos, I didn't realized that I had needed to make some color adjustments for the type of file that Jason's camera takes so half of them turned out completely flat looking. Thankfully, Jason instructed me how to fix the problem so I did what he told me to do and had them reprinted. Since I now know what the problem was with the color, when I got my new batch of photos ready yesterday I spent the evening correcting all the photo files and burning them to a disc- which I then drove over to Costco this morning. (Bored yet? This is my life, people.) When I got there and put my cd in the machine however, I found out that I had accidentally included a couple of .psd files on the disc when I should have made them .jpg files. (Sorry for the techno-lingo folks! For those of you who don't follow, basically psd files are reeeeely big and the kiosk at the Costco can't handle them and the machine froze up.) BAH! So AGAIN I had to drive home and redo my disc ALL OVER. (Oh yeah- and they also were out of the beer Jason wanted and the cd cases he needs. Double whammy!) I haven't driven back there yet because I'm stil fuming about it. All I want are photos for my album! Why is this so hard for me?

I know, I know, I have all these photos on my site and on Flickr already but as much as I love the information super highway, I'm a sucker for having real, tangible, photographs that I can hold in my hand and put in a scrapbook with little fairy rubber stamps and glitter all around them. I save EVERTHING when it comes to stuff like that. I need my ticket stubs and receipts and wedding invitations and little love notes written in the 10th grade. If you've given me something like that, chances are I still have it in a box in my basement (which is another project entirely that I'm about to embark on!)

Anyway, I'm cooling down a bit now and will head back over there later this afternoon with my fingers crossed that this time I will emerge victorious. When something like this happens it absolutely drives me crazy and I can't do anything else until I fix things and get it RIGHT. (Remember the obsessive/compulsive stuff I've mentioned? Another prime example.)



  1. Tracey,
    Don't you have your own color printer and photo editing software?
    My hubby does some very nice work on our simple little HP DeskJet. He's even scanned in old photos, stored them, and also made acceptable prints. Forgive me if I've overlooked some detail that requires that you take your digital photos to Costco. I don't know anything about their pricing. It doesn't seem possible that it would be cheaper than making the prints yourself, unless the cost of photo paper is a lot higher than it is here in Ohio. And it's a lot of fun using photo editing software to customize your photos.

  2. Well, I actually used to do all the family photo printing myself since we have a very high quality printer that Jason uses for art stuff. However, the sheer VOLUME of photos that we take just got to be overwhelming and I was spending all my time and energy printing! Shen I discovered Costco's photo lab it was AWESOME. (Of course it WAS awesome until just recently- although most of my problems are due to me not understanding my new equipment!) :-)

  3. Well, that makes sense. :)