Saturday, April 2, 2005

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me...

For those of you who clicked on the links yesterday after the sites had been taken down let me fill you in a bit on the creepiness: Yesterday I was informed by a very nice random reader that someone other than me was posting pictures of Juliana and Ava on a photo blog. She gave me the link so I checked it out and eventually was led to ANOTHER website by the same person (who went by the name "Gabriel Gessner") who claimed to be married to me and was posting tons of photos that he had taken from my site. He also had renamed the girls Sthella and Evie and had dubbed me "Kim". Can we say it all together? Eeeewwww. The site was written in Portuguese but I was able to translate most of it and basically it was someone's crazy delusion being acted out online. He also had a fair amount of people leaving comments about what a wonderful father he was and how he had such a beautiful family. SCARY. Anyway, Jason sent emails to the places that were hosting the sites and they suspended the guys account and took the pages down. I haven't quite wrapped my mind around the situation fully yet and I'm even more unsure about what to do about it from here. I know that my site gets around 250 visitors a day and though I'm well aware of the number of weirdos out there on the internet I certainly never expected anything like this.

So that's what happened. We've got a lot of stuff planned for the weekend so I'm going take my mind of of this for now and enjoy myself. Hopefully next week I can get things back to normal around here- as in more talk about frivolous, light-hearted subjects. :-)


  1. Kim? KIM? Dude. You're more of a ....well, I dunno right this minute. But I would've come up with something a bit more romantic and seductive than that if I were a Portuguese dude trying to virtually wed your hot blonde American ass. Something with flair. Something with salsa music and colorful swirling dresses.
    What a creep.

  2. Ok ignore my last reply....sorry, I hadn't read this one yet. That is so scary Tracey. I am really sorry that some crazed person would do such a thing, and to you. What an invasion, I guess you will have to be careful in what you post now, :-(. Gosh, I don't even know what to say, I am in shock. Please be careful. Thinking of you.

  3. That posting has brought me out of my recent slumber. Just plain stupid. What's the reward of posing like somone else Get a life ppl. Wow, I actually said something nice for a change. Back to politics please Tracy!