Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sunday Night Decompression

We just got back from Michelle's bridal shower a little while ago. It's kind of overwhelming for me to be around large groups of people that are not part of my usual circle. To be honest, I don't find myself that interesting so I don't really know how to make small talk with people unless it's about my kids, and then I start to feel like it's the only thing I ever talk about. At functions like these I usually end up talking to somebody's grandma because I have the girls with me and they always attract the grandmas since they're just so gosh darn adorable. I put them in their matching dresses today so they were walking "ooh" and "ahh" magnets. Overall though, it was a nice party and I'm always happy to go to bridal showers because I'm pretty gung-ho for people getting married in general. Plus, I'm super psyched to be in the wedding in a few weeks. Bring on the sanctity!

I'm feeling pretty wiped this evening. Jason and I were up late last night installing some window treatments in the basement and dismantling one of our old computer desks. If I wasn't so tired I would jump up and give three cheers for organizaton. Well I'm off to have dinner, watch Six Feet Under, spend some time drooling over photos of this house and then sob over the subsequent lofty price tag. Curse you inflated housing market!


  1. The Other White JasonAugust 8, 2005 at 5:22 AM

    That price ain't nothin. In DC you couldn't even buy a town house out here for that price. It makes it so that all who are normal people can't afford anything. God damn this modern capitalistic state!!!

  2. If you lived in that house, I would be forced to build you some kind of wine cellar, in which you would store bottle upon bottle of grenache red wine, which we would partake of on occasions such as our children's respective birthdays, our birthdays, and nights before fundraising walks.
    So you'd better start drinkin' the red, woman. ;)
    See? Not being able to buy this house is a good thing. Otherwise, I would turn you into a wino. Especially when the girls get into high school.... yikes!

  3. T.O.W.J.- I'm addicted to watching home renovation shows on HGTV and I watched a San Francisco two-bedroom condo be re-modeled and sold for SEVEN HUNDRED GRAND. I guess I have not much to complain about around here after all? :-)
    Steph- But I like wine!