Thursday, August 4, 2005

I Have No Brain

This morning I called the dentist to make an appointment for Juliana to have her teeth cleaned. When the girl on the phone gave me an appointment for Friday, August 19th I thought to myself, "Gee, something sounds familiar about that date, but I can't think of exactly what it is right now so it should be totally ok, right?"

Derrrr. That's only the day of Michelle and Dan's wedding. I remembered this the moment I hung up the phone.

So I called back to reschedule and I was given a new date of Monday, August 22nd. "Sure! That will be great!"

Not so fast. That's the day Steph and I are talking Juli, Maddie and Bailee to Build-a-Bear Workshop for Juliana's birthday.

So now I have to call back AGAIN and frankly, it's a little embarassing. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BRAIN?

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