Friday, July 8, 2005


Well, I WAS worried about the fact that Jason rides the train into downtown Chicago every work day, but then Mayor Daley got on the television and assured me that I had absolutely nothing to fear and that everything was under control.

I'm being sarcastic because it's really the only thing I can do. I've been worried ever since 9/11 that something would happen on the trains here because I see how completely easy it would be for someone to just walk on the Metra or CTA with a bomb. I realize that something like what happened in London is eventually going to happen here in the states and there's nothing anybody can do about it. I just have to hope that when it does happen that nobody I love is anywhere near it.

I know the mayor just doesn't want to people to panic but I still think it's crazy that I should believe just because there are some extra police officers patrolling the downtown train stops that we all are perfectly safe. You'd have to search each and every person who gets on every bus or train in the city AND the suburbs to prevent that and there is NO WAY anybody could ever expect that to happen.

It such a strange and helpless feeling when you know you're at risk and that bad things are most likely going to happen but you have to put it out of your mind and go about your daily life anyway.


  1. I said something very similar to your final paragraph to a friend of mine after 9/11 and she said "We're lucky we're only realizing that now, most people in this world have lived with that feeling all of their lives, for generations." It's just sad that it is this way for so many. Changing the subject, a few more things...1. thank you for the note. That particular story and others is exactly why I butt in when I see something happening to someone. It's gotten me in trouble at times but you never know. 2. I am supremely jealous of your vaccum. I have wanted one of those for so long. 3. You have an absolutely beautiful family. :)

  2. Kelly- Thanks for stopping by. I'm a notorious blog lurker and hardly ever post comments anywhere if I don't know the person but I had to say something about your story. Thank you for the nice comments about my family (and my vaccuum cleaner!)