Tuesday, July 5, 2005

My Love Affair With Dyson Continues

I have been known to rave to everyone who will listen about the wonders of my Dyson Vacuum Cleaner. It is one of the greatest household inventions I can think of. It works like an impossible dream, it's super slick looking, and comes a posse of divine customer service agents ready to assist me with all my vacuuming needs. You'd be surprised at how many people there are out there who feel the same way I do about this miraculous inanimate object. And those who do not own the Dyson yet, do covet it.

My Dyson has been acting sick as of late. When I use the mighty attachment to clean the mounds of cat fur off of my couches it has been making a sick, sad noise. I took the thing apart, inspecting for any blockage and upon finding none, I came to the conclusion that there must be a tear in the flexible accordion-like hose. I remembered how last year when I had problems with the cannister staying closed I called customer service and discovered that they were oh-so-happy to send me an entire new cannister, complete with a brand spanking new Root Cyclone thing-a-ma-jig FREE OF CHARGE. (And to top it all off they didn't even care that I had bought the thing second-hand off Ebay for HALF THE PRICE to begin with.)

Anyway, I remembered this and decided to call the friendly 1-866-MY-DYSON number again and told them my latest story.

And my new attachement hose should be arriving in 3-5 business days via UPS.


See? You may have thought I didn't like big businesses but I have no problem being a walking advertisement for companies I love with my heart and soul. Such as:

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XM Satellite


  1. Two of my lifelong quests: the perfect bra and the perfect vacuum cleaner. Considering the cost of this marvelous vacuum cleaner, I'd like to know how it stacks up on the following: How easy/difficult is it to empty the dirt out? Are there filters that need to be cleaned and replaced - like on my Hoover bagless that's collecting dust (not from use, but from sitting idle in the spare bedroom) because it throws out more dust than it picks up and because I can't figure out what to do with the various filters it requires. Not to mention the cost of replacing these filters - which is a lot more than the cost of vacuum cleaner bags; and the difficulty in finding the filters in stock.
    Thanks. :)

  2. Well, one of the many nice things about this gadget is that you are never supposed to have to replace the filter on it (although they are available just in case.) It says to clean it out every six months but honestly, I just found this out right now in my research on it and I've never done it! I'll have to try that today and see if it suddenly works ten times better than it already does. I've never had it throw out any dust while vacuuming and it's very easy to empty. The cannister has a little trap door thingy that I just empty into the trash. When we bought ours we first vacuumed with our old cleaner and then ran the Dyson afterwards and we were completley grossed out. (We have three cats in addition to the rugrats.) Dysons are super pricey but I tell everyone who asks about it that it's totally worth it. Overstock.com sometimes has them for cheaper and they have free shipping a lot of the time.
    Whew! Ok, end of my sales pitch.