Friday, July 29, 2005

Casual Observation

I was buying white t-shirts for Jason at Target yesterday and as I looked around me I noticed that every single shopper in the men's section was female. Do men never have to buy their own underwear and socks? Do these things just show up magically in the dresser drawer at home and they never question it?

Also, while shopping for a bridal shower gift at Kohl's it was brought to my attention that Hilary Duff has apparently exploded all over their stores. Oh, the humanity!

1 comment:

  1. It is kind of funny about the women shopping in the menswear dept. My mom always bought all of my dad's clothes - including his shoes. But I thought that by now things would have changed. To my hubby's credit, he does buy his own clothes. He's very picky and hates to take things back. So it's better that he buys what he wants. Besides, I can't keep up with what size he is at any given point in time. ;) P.S. Target is his very favorite place to shop for clothes. Kohl's is a close second.