Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Cloud Has Lifted

Thank goodness we were all feeling better by the time Monday came around so we didn't have to cancel our trip to the Milwaukee Zoo with Steph, Greg and Maddie. Saturday and Sunday, however? I reeealy could have done without. Saturday especially. What's amusing though is how long it took me to realize that I ACTUALLY HAD the flu. You see, on Friday night I had a couple of beers after dinner while Jason and I were sitting on the back porch (with our laptops, naturally.) So when I woke up with a tummy-ache early on Saturday morning--after first being genuinely surprised since that never happens to me--I was quite mad at myself. Then as the morning wore on and I couldn't snap out of my funk, and my body started to feel all achey, I got REALLY mad at myself since Jason had to take over watching the girls for the day all by himself as my lazy bum laid on the couch. I felt awful but could barely stand to be vertical since I was so very nauseous. So I spent the day feeling like a jerk because I thought I had the beer-flu over three Leinenkugels (which sounds quite ridiculous at first but there is another Gessner female who shall reamain nameless that is infamous for being laid up on the couch the morning after having a solitary alcohol-laden beverage. So, stranger things have happened.)

Then, at around 4:30pm Juliana said that her stomach hurt and proceeded to throw up. And I know this sounds horrible but as bad as I felt for her, for a brief second in the back of my mind I thought: "OH MY GOSH! I REALLY AM LEGITIMATELY SICK!"

This lasted about ten seconds until I realized that not only did I feel awful physically, but I also had a tiny person who felt as awful as I did- if not worse. Seeing one of my girls sick and being unable to do anything about it makes my heart break. I would have been thrilled to be twice as sick in order for her to stop moaning "Ooooooooh Moooooommmmy! My tummy HUUUUUURTS!"

Anyway, I probably don't need to add any more details because you get the picture. By Sunday afternoon we were both feeling much better, although I was completely exhausted. We spent the afternoon crashed out on my bed watching The Incredibles for about the tenth time (and it's STILL funny EVERY time I see it.)

Now things are back on their usual track. My house and all it's inhabitants have been scrubbed down and sanitized. As I mentioned at the top of the post we made it to the zoo yesterday and had a blast. It was great to get some fresh air away from all the germies. Plus, every day is more fun when there are camel rides involved.

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