Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Note to the Guy on Ebay Who is Trying to Scam Me:

I am not stupid. You are not getting me to send my laptop to Nigeria for your "daughter's" birthday. I am not a stranger to ebay scams. Plus, if you're going to try to cheat me, could you at least not use the exact same email that is floating around the ebay message boards? I have a little pride here. Oh, and isn't just a wonderful coincidence that merely hours after I informed you that I do not ship items out of the United States (as stated in the auction details) I get a personal phone call from "ebay seller services" offering to help me sell my items in the worldwide market? I mean, ebay calling little me who sells items every now and again to help me make more money internationally? How sweet of them. The perky girl on the phone was pretty good though. Nice touch.

Suddenly I feel like I want to go rent Matchstick Men.

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