Sunday, November 14, 2004


Things To Be Happy About (Other than the obvious things like my little girls, Jason, family and friends, my health...etc.)

1. The fact that I am going to see my favoirite band ever (the Pixies) for the first time in my life tomorrow night!
2. My TIVO
3. The 40's station on my XM radio
4. The recipe database Jason set up for me
5. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
6. My new living room floor
7. Bloglines (If you are a blog reader and you don't use this program- yes Steph I'm talking to you- I highly recommend it!)
9. Library Cards
10. Ray Charles
11. Chili
12. Christmas movies (yes, I'm one of those people)
13. Buffy and Angel on DVD
14. Moisturizer
15. Candles that smell like Pumpkin Pie and Apple Cider
16. Pumpkin Pie and Apple Cider
17. Desoto Records
18. Making music videos
19. South Park
20. Butternut Squash
21. Serenity, the movie
22. Spongebob Squarepants
23. Will Ferrell
24. My Sparkly Pink Scarf
25. Hot tea
26. Babysitters
27. Sundays

Hey this is fun! I'll have to continue this later. Now I'm in a good mood.

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