Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I Don't Know What to Think About This

Tonight, Jason showed me a way to track all the traffic that comes through my website (not just this blog but the girl's blog and the photo pages as well.) Anyway, in addition to the cool data about where in the world people reading my site from as well as how many views a day I get and so on, there is also an interesting little list that shows what words people search for on Google that lead them to my site. Now some searches are for my actual name, while many others involve pregnancyand stuff involving babies and kids. A few searches mention things like Jon Stewart, certain movies I've posted about and a few politicians. However, a lot of things on this list quite frankly creep me out and I'm wondering just how a few of these key words would lead people to my little old website. I'm sure a lot of them are probably disappointed once they get here. I also don't know how I feel about people finding my site while searching for "sexy pregnant bellies" because that just makes me feel icky. Here is a sample of some of the things people are looking for (other than the name gessner) when they find my site (although some of the things I flat out refuse to list here. Ew!)

big belly
newborn baby
i hate tracey
how to get rid of a gummy smile
bicep girl
boy robot
alien in my belly
my little pony palooza
78 buick

peter krause
kerry eats babies
puffy girls
fetal development
dyson costco
ode to my tv
crazy tracey
birth stories
biker chick party
little baby squid
greg steffke
lyle lovett political views
when no one understands you
gessner crazy
goonies never say die
john edwards shirtless
nick stokes shirtless
tucker carlson shirtless
adrian brody shirtless
gargantuan belly
robot eyes
picture of beauty girls
tracey coulter
pictures of pinnochio from the burbs
get out belly
diet coke head
condi rice's hair
my little nugget
vampire attack
mina and lucy
what does the bible say about infidels?
how i get my arms skinny
really sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad poems
goth birthday invitations
reese witherspoon eating ice cream
You have no idea how entertaining this is for me!


  1. Here are a few google search words on the way I found your site
    Tracy Marxisms
    genuine-liberal Democrat
    GI kerry
    self-anointed liberals
    John Kerry's commissars
    Top losers of 2004... bears, bulls, blackhawks, Cubs( sorry ryne sandberg) White sox'sand kerry.......
    right wing or wrong hole
    poor misunderstood 30 something young liberal
    Tracy�s Liberal Rants

  2. You know what's funny is that although I am most definitely socially liberal, I consider myself to be pretty fiscally conservative and a big fan of small government and state's rights (much along the lines of old school Republicans- the complete opposite of Communism or Marxism!) That's why I'm a registered Independent and find so many Democrats (ahem, Lieberman, Pelosi, even Kerry)- as well as Republicans- to be such schmucks. Go figure.
    And hey! I have a few more years to go until I'm a 30-somthing! (I'm 26.) Maybe I should look into getting some work done? An Extreme Makeover? Just kidding.

  3. I know this political talk is an bore. But I found out today Im a schmuck. Size matters ( ha ha ha)! Ok let me get serious. But I understand what you were saying. But what a minute, I'm confused. One moment your
    A Jimmy Carter a Libertarian
    A socially liberal Joe Lieberman
    A capitalist AKA fiscal conservative Howard dean
    A Helping Hand Democrat Richard Gephardt
    A liberal conservative Al Gore
    A Discouraged White Democrat Nancy Pelosi
    A New Generation Democrat John Edwards ( everyone keep his wife in their thoughts and prayers)
    A socially tolerant Hillary Clinton
    A Progressive conservative Bill Clinton.
    A The Determined Liberals Tom Daschle
    A Independent liberal conservative John Kerry
    Are you related to John Kerry? Because he seems not know who or what he believes daily. Must be contagious among independents.........
    p.s. sorry about 30 something statement. I just made an uneducated guess. But I were close....

  4. All it means is that I see the good and bad in both political parties. I don't agree with everything the Democratic party stands for, but I find many faults with the Republicans as well. It's fairly simple. Not everything is black and white to me. I don't even agree on everything with my own husband so I can hardly expect myself to agree with everything an entire group of people says (namely a political party). Yes, I tend to lean left but the Republicans make some good points at times. (Oops! Did I just say that?) There are some particular Republicans I can't stand (as you well know!) but I also find many Democrats to be spineless and pandering. Republicans have fiscal conservatives and social conservatives in their own party whose opinions vary wildly. I find it extremely puzzling that some people can align themselves with every single position a political party represents (along with every individual politician in that party.)
    All those labels you listed though? They don't really mean much to me. I have different opinions on different issues, that's all. And if you haven't noticed already, I can get kind of passionate about these opinions and they tend not to change. :-)

  5. Think of it this way: I see politicians as individuals rather than just their party affiliation. Rudy Giuliani and and Rick Santorum both call themselves Republicans and they could not be more different. I like a lot of what Howard Dean has to say, but I think that Joe Lieberman is wishy washy (both Democrats). I think John McCain is a good senator, but I think Alan Keyes is a nutjob (both Republicans). I said that I'm an Independent, not Undecided!

  6. I promise this shall be last comment on politics. I must say your very consistent on your stance on the issues. As well I'm I being an religious conservatives. I respect that and is happy see you're involved in politics. The independents nor democrats will ever get the majority vote of our group. Base on the fact they're totally off the core on biblical issues that not only effect us in present but also eternally. Christians must stand with party leading way toward our beliefs. I believe their are some wonderful democrats and independents a like out there like yourself. But I could never vote for either as long they oppose issues we know are vital to correct values of our belief structure. Until democrats and independents realize this ( I believe this years results spoke loud) the republican party will continue its surge of power. Mark it down. Plus there will never be an third party power. Because all those parties are much more far left as the second popular party the democrats. Without us religious conservatives. Whether we're like or not. There will be no celebration without our vote. All the best. New topic......

  7. Once again, we agree on something. All we can both can do is to keep working towards what we believe to be right and true. I would expect nothing less.
    *Besides, conservatives didn't throw in the towel in '96 when Dole lost in a landslide, so why should people on the left give up when a wishy-washy liberal schmuck loses by a couple of percentage points? I'm just sayin'. ;-) Anyway, have a good one. I'm so tired of politics right now too!