Monday, November 22, 2004

Monday Morning Rant

Let's cut the nonsense and have single-issue bills in Congress already, right? Enough of the congressional pay raises snuck into education bills (and the "how could you vote against the children??"rhetoric that comes after it). Stop making it easy from people to bury propositions like making your personal tax records available at any time to two random committee chairmen in the latest spending bill. Maybe if if these bills weren't 1500 pages long with hundreds of little unrelated provisions then we could actually get some real legislation done? Not to mention then we could clearly see where our congressmen's loyalities lie when their reasons for voting for or against a particular bill become less complex. More money for public schools? YES or NO. Big bold type with huge bubbles to fill in with a number two pencil. And while we're at it, how about no more voting on these mammoth bills merely hours after they come into the hands of the congressmen's secretaries? Maybe we should take the time to read every word of what we're trying to write into law.

And one more thing, stop repealing laws that your party initially pushed for once it becomes clear that a person on your side of the aisle might be affected by said law. Here's looking at you, Tom Delay.

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