Wednesday, November 3, 2004


You know I really truly thought that this country was ready for a change. I really felt that I was going to be a part of something BIG that would be the start of a major turning point for our country. I thought we were going to be making history. Now I see that I was just on the losing side of the most bitter, negative, nasty political campaign in my lifetime. I was thinking this morning, how can my beliefs be so different from 51% of the other people in my country? Am I just not getting the memo? What does it say about us that we can be so split? Are people like me and the other 49% that are completely crushed at the prospect of four more years of the same just faithless wackos that don't get it? Why do people think that George Bush has the lock on American morals and values? Too many questions without answers. I'm so scared of what might happen in the Supreme Court over the next four years. I'm scared of the role that religion is taking in our government. I don't know what more needs to happen for things to change. How can the things that I believe in so strongly not matter to so many people? I was so hopeful yesterday and now I'm just so sad. There was so much momentum for change and I just don't understand what happened. I really believed in my heart that it would be different.

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