Friday, August 20, 2004


You'd think since I stay at home with my kids that I'd actually have time to get a lot of things done every day, but it seems like my to-do list is constantly growing and I never get ahead. Of course the fact that I've crashed out on the couch every night this past week starting at 7 to watch gymnastics probably hasn't helped. (Yes, I like gymnastics and I will defend it so don't give me any crap.) Anyway, this is my attempt to organize my brain:

1. Juli's birthday party is next weekend and I still have to figure out when I'm going to go buy her present because she's big enough now where I can't exactly buy something for her and keep it a secret when she comes with me everywhere! Hopefully I get a chance to go out by myself this weekend.

2. I'm still trying to slowly prepare Juli and Maddie's artwork for their upcoming show in October. Jason found a bunch of frames in the basement and I had some plexi glass cut for them the other day. Now I just have to cut the photos and drawings to fit. I think I'm going to shoot photos of the drawings and use them so I don't have to part with Juli's original drawings. This is of course assuming that people will be in fact willing to purchase a three year old's artwork but come on! Why wouldn't you buy a drawing of a princess holding a balloon??

3. We should be shooting the intro for Juliana's birthday video this weekend. The title sequence will involve a time lapse of chalk writing on the driveway.

Ok enough kid stuff, now for me:

4. We've decided to put in hardwood floor in the living room (YAY!), so on Saturday we'll be going back to the lumber liquidators to get some more samples. Bye bye stinky carpet!

5. I've decided my body just doesn't work at 5:30 in the morning. I tried for a couple of days to get up and do yoga but instead of feeling energized I just was tired from getting up too early. I'll have to go back to doing it in the evening. I wish I was one of those people who could get up at the crack of dawn and go running. *Sigh*

6. I need to have a garage sale. Seriously. Even though I regularly donate to the local veterans groups we still have just tons and tons of crap. It seems that whenever we move to a larger home we look at all the extra space and think," This is unacceptable! Must fill with garbage!" Really, spending an entire Saturday sitting in my garage doesn't sound like fun (I'd much rather be out at other people's garage sales but that's probably how I acquired so much junk in the first place) but I have so much baby stuff that I really need to get rid of and I should be able to get a decent amount of money for it. I'll just have to suck it up and do it before it starts getting cold. Is it really almost September?

More later. I am needed elsewhere.

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