Monday, August 30, 2004

One Ring to Rule Them All

Well, I took a semi-break from reading the news last week since I was pre-occupied with family stuff but I'm gradually getting the old anger-meter up and running again. I know it's totally old news by now but can I just say to the Swift Boat Vets: GET OVER IT. If you really had that much of a problem with Kerry 30 years ago, you would have said something about it thirty years ago. Are we really at the point now where it's okay to attack war veterans? Or better yet- war veterans attacking other war veterans because they think the other guy DIDN'T BLEED ENOUGH? (Yes, I'm looking at you Bob Dole.) I think our friend Chad stated it nicely this past weekend when he said it didn't matter to him if Kerry went to Vietnam and cried in a ditch because at least he went. On the other hand though, what is up with Kerry just sitting back and taking it? I know he wants to take the high road and blah blah blah with the civilized campaign and all that but isn't it about time he spoke up and got really angry like the rest of us? I may have the man's banner on my site, but make no mistake, I'm definitely fueled more by Bush-Hate than Kerry-Love. Isn't that what really makes up his so-called base? It's going to take enough people getting fed up and all out MAD with the administration to get him out of there- not the mushy undecided soccer moms or NASCAR dads or "Sex and the City" single women voters (don't even get me started on that one). I'm so incredibly excited about the election but completely scared at the same time that I may have to seriously consider moving to New Zealand next year. The thought of four more years of the Bush Dynasty is making that Hobbit Hole look very appealing.

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