Monday, August 2, 2004

Feeding My Brain

Jason is starting his new job today! I'm so excited for him. Plus, I get to reclaim the basement once again after a year of him working from home, which is nice considering my laptop has died so I no longer have a computer to use upstairs. Today I'm going to hopefully do a little bit of work on Juliana's birthday video as well as start on her party invitiations. Also, while she's at pre-school I'm going to do a little research on the Senate voting records of Kerry and Edwards as well as Durbin and Fitzgerald from Illinois. Jason gave me a link to a good site to start this quest. I've been hearing the Republican's talking point all weekend about Kerry's "19 years in the Senate with no major accomplishments" so I'm interested to to a little actual digging about this claim. I find it so hard to believe either party when they make allegations about someone's voting record because the facts about which bills are voted for or against and why become so twisted to fit each party's agenda. I mean, someone could vote against a bill to increase funding to schools becuase of a rider attached that has absolutely nothing to do with the proposed bill. You'll never hear about the real reason they voted against it because they'll be so busy screaming "WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?? HOW CAN YOU VOTE AGAINST THE CHILDREN??" You also hardly ever hear about all the bills that are squashed in committee by others who have more power or the legislations that end up being delayed or obstructed by a filibuster. It is for this reason that I am going to make a conscious effort to seek out the details behind all the talking points and statistics that are thrown out at us. I refuse to have my intelligence insulted.

Completely unrelated (also posted on the Gessner Girl's Blog: A picture of Juliana hitting the "Booziata" at Jeff and Kim Linden's home yesterday. Yes, I said Booziata. No, my daughter did not patake of the booze.

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