Monday, August 2, 2004

Are You Sick of Me Yet?

Ok, one more factoid and I'll be done for now. I was disappointed to hear a while back that Kerry had one of the lowest voting percentages in the Senate. However, I see now that over the past four years he participated in 95-99% of the votes, dropping to 36% in 2003 (obviously the start of the presidential campaign, where Lieberman and Gephardt's numbers also took a dive.) While I don't like how politicians abandon serving the people they represent in order to campaign, I also find the claim that he hardly ever shows up to vote a bit disingenuous. I mean look at Dennis Hastert's consistent turnout rate of a whopping 12%! (Of course, out of that 12% at least he's dedicated enough to agree with the president 100% of the time.) I only wish Kerry had filled out the National Political Awareness Test on the site. I don't like that at all.

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  1. Tracey, you are officially one of my heroes. G0 Kerry, Edwards, & Obama!!