Monday, August 23, 2004

"How A Movie Can Move the Voting Public"

More stuff that makes me smile! Just a few of the dozens of emails posted on Michael Moore's website:

�I have been a dedicated Republican for all of my life. Never really depended what they supported. I would vote because they were Republican. I saw �F/911 today.� I was moved beyond words. I had to write and simply say thank you. Because of this movie, this year I will not vote Republican for the first time in my life.� �J.W.

�I have been so positively shaken by your documentary. I haven't felt this inspired since...well...actually...I don't think I have ever been this inspired!

I have seen your movie TWICE in 24 hours. I even brought my 55 year old, Born-Again, Bush LOVING :), Republican-since-the-day-she-was-conceived Mother to the film. She walked in swearing that you were a �Commie� and out to criticize our nations �fine� Christian leader. She walked out a completely different was a an actual miracle. She came out disgusted at all the lies that she has been supporting. She loves human life and will never vote for Bush ever again.

That was the best 25 bucks I have ever spent in my life.� �N.N., Minneapolis, MN

�As a republican I reluctantly went to the movie, with preconceived ideas and expecting to dismiss the movie as left wing drivel. The movie, to my total and utter dismay has convinced me that I cannot with good conscience vote for Bush. Although my personal best interests would be better served with a republican in power, and I have concerns with Kerry's VP choice, I still feel that my vote has to be against Bush. I went to the movie with another hardcore republican and he feels the same way!

Excellent job.

If you do publish this letter, please do so anonymously.� ��Shocked Republican�

�I have to tell you that for the longest time I believed in Bush and what he was doing; I believed we were doing the right thing in Iraq�and I'm married to a Palestinian! Imagine the push and pull that has occurred in my marriage and with my in-laws ever since 9/11.

So my wife went to see your film the day it opened and I chided her; I said, �Why are you putting money in that $#**!'s pocket?� She said she wanted to see for herself. Of course she came back stunned; couldn't say enough about it.

So I went, expecting to get angry, just as I did when I read Stupid White Men�or at least, at sections of it.

Well guess what? I came home and told [D.], �Bush has to go�TODAY. NOW.�

So strongly was I moved and so significant was my paradigm shift (I HATE being lied to, and Bush has lied in the most Machiavellian sense) that when I heard Mike Gallagher (Dallas/FW conservative mouthpiece filling in for Sean Hannity this past Friday, July 2nd) I called and got into it with him. Now, down here in the DFW area anyway, most callers to shows like his either agree with the microphone or they cower under pressure of being on the air. But I'm a professional writer, teacher and theater director, so guys like him don't faze me a bit. So shaken was Gallagher that he began shouting me down, interrupting me, screamed that I was a LIAR because I said that I was a former Bush supporter who no longer has any faith in the man and will NOT vote for him under any circumstances, and, when Mike couldn't get me to buckle, he cut me off in mid-sentence.

I've seen the film twice here in Grapevine (near Fort Worth), and even though this is Bush country, the theater was packed both times, and both times people laughed, cried and broke into spontaneous applause.

I hated your politics at one time, Michael, and I don't always agree with you; but in this case you turned on the light and have sent the rats and roaches scurrying. God bless the First Amendment!� �H.J., Keller, Texas

�Saw Fahrenheit last night.

Thank you.

I registered to vote today.� �T.W.

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