Thursday, August 5, 2004

Role Reversal

I've been thinking about a number of "What If's" lately. For example:

What if instead of Bush, it was Bill Clinton who led us into war with Iraq based on the false accusation of Saddam Hussein posessing WMD's?

What if Clinton claimed the intelligence failures surrounding 9/11 and Iraq had nothing to do with his administration? What if he blamed his actions on faulty information he received?

What if it was the Clinton family instead of the Bushes that had financial links to the Saudi royal family?

What if Clinton had sat in that Florida classroom for seven minutes with a dazed and confused look on his face after being informed that New York City was untder attack?

What if the Abu Ghraib prison scandal happened under Clinton's watch?

What if Clinton had fought the formation of the 9/11 Commission every step of the way and then refused to testify under oath or have his interview transcribed?

Would the republicans argue on his behalf? Would they say we need to remain strong behind our Commander in Chief? I know that I would not give Clinton a pass on all of these things- just like I don't give one to Bush. I know that on the whole it doesn't do a lot of good to argue "what if" but I wonder if some Bush supporters would be able to see how ludicrous they sound sometimes if they would just swap out the words "President Bush" for "President Clinton".

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