Wednesday, October 19, 2005

You Got Chocolate On My Peanut Butter!

I've said this before but autumn is my absolute favorite season. Not only do I love the weather and the colors and Halloween but it also means that mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups start coming in those little fall-colored wrappers. This is of course followed by the wonderful red and green Christmas wrappers. I would never sit down and eat 3 candy bars but for some reason it suddenly becomes ok to eat a dozen of those teeny little bite-size ones because they're so darn cute! And did I mention tasty? Sometimes I think I should start referring to autumn as "The Season Where A Significant Percentage of My Diet Becomes Peanut Butter." (Peanut butter in cup form, of course.) It's no wonder that I always ask for workout equipment for Christmas and start on a new exercise regimen every January. 'Tis the Circle of Life.


  1. The thing about the smaller size Reese's cups is that the chocolate-to-peanut butter ratio just seems to be much more balanced. Pop Sparks and I both prefer them to the regular sized.

  2. That must be what it is! I am craving them now. Thanks, Tracey. ;) Hm... I wonder if there are no-dairy varieties...