Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ho Ho Ho

Since I've completed all of my house projects my insatiable need for order and control in my life has now turned to the next logical thing: Christmas shopping! Would you believe me if I told you that I have purchased all the Christmas toys Santa will be bringing this year? I even did my shopping for Bailee and Maddie too so all the kids in my life are taken care of. The UPS delivery guy must think I'm crazy because every day this week there has been a huge box dropped off at my door. Yahoo for internet shopping! I still need to buy presents for the grown-ups but it's the kids that are important so they can wait.

When I told Jason I had Christmas in the bag before Halloween he said, "You know you totally have to blog that."


  1. Tracey: I hope you have more shopping discipline than I do. When I get my Christmas shopping done too far ahead of time, I end up spending more money because I just can't resist all the great bargains that seem to come up in the 2-3 weeks before Christmas. I am envious that you have an excuse for toy shopping. I love shopping for toys. But the family's been advised that we're each only allowed to get Lana (our new grandniece) one toy for Christmas. :( P.S. Since I'm a regular QVC shopper, my UPS man and I are on a first name basis. Last week I happened to be at the library when he was making a delivery there, and he asked me to wait a minute because he had a package in the truck for me. For some reason the whole situation made me laugh. I currently rationalize my online shopping habits by telling my husband that I'm saving on gas money. ;)

  2. You are Super Mom!!! No fair!!! :)

  3. I love it when Hans knows I'm going to blog something. :) Good for your mad shopping skillz. I'm selfish and paying for my vacation over all presents. Then again, if I had adorable children, that would be different, of course!