Monday, October 24, 2005

Nutritional Schizophrenia

I just made myself an awesome sandwich out of cucumbers, red pepper hummus and sprouts on pita bread, yet I decided to wash it down with a wild cherry Diet Coke. Something just doesn't seem right about following up fresh veggies with aspartame.

Maybe I should go have a peanut butter cup?


  1. A couple weeks ago I had a really nasty headcold, and the only thing that tasted good to me was Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (and the related Reese's Fast Break--yum!!). I rationalized that this was healthy as follows:
    1) Peanut butter is high in protein
    2) Chocolate is high in calcium
    3) Chocolate is also high in antioxidants and produces endorphins, both of which help fend off disease
    So, as flu season is upon us, and you have 2 little ones, I strongly suggest you eat lots of peanut butter cups! = )

  2. I second diane's recommendation. Take it from Dr. Mom - chocolate is a wonder drug. Right up there with bananas. ;) (diane can explain the "banana" thing.) I highly recommend that you make it a priority to get out to the stores after Halloween to stock up on half-priced leftover Halloween Reese's Cups. That way you won't be caught short in the event of a severe pandemic. :)