Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sox Rule

You may not know this about me but I really enjoy watching sports. Yes, I do like "girlie" sports like figure skating and gymnastics but I can get into team sports as well. I'm not talking about all the time or in large Frat-Boy quantities, but every once in while I like to sit down on my bottom with a gigantic bowl of ice cream and marvel at the athletic prowess of others. It's somewhat similar to how I drool over the Food Network while shoveling in handfuls of microwave popcorn.

Anyway, my point is that the Chicago White Sox are going to be in the World Series! Which means one thing for me: I am about to emerge as one of those fair-weather fans that all the die hards loathe. WOO-HOO! GO SOX! I'm not ashamed to admit the truth. I was a Cubs fan a couple of years ago when they had that amazing playoff run (and subsequent outstanding defeat in the eighth inning of game 6 against the Florida Marilins at Wrigley Field and oh-my-god-i'm-getting-angry-just-thinking-about-it-again.) I was a HUGE Chicago Bulls fan back in the day of Michael Jordan and their six championship wins but what Chicagoan wasn't? Plus, you probably couldn't pay most people around here to go to a Bulls game anymore so cut me a little bit of slack. I also remember rooting for Da Bears back in '85-86 (at the ripe age of 7) and have memories of making posters for our Super Bowl XX party that year. I believe a bit of shuffling was even involved. The Bears have been a notoriously awful team for years now but every once in while I'll turn one of their games on and it they're playing well I'll cheer and root them on (although truth be told, finding games in which they are actually playing well have been few and far between.)

So I'm excited that I have a reason to sit front of the tv and cheer for a Chicago team again! Plus it seems that Chicago sports teams so rarely make it all the way to the finals of anything that it's extra special and exciting when someone finally has the chance to come out on top. I may be leaving Illinois for Cheese Country soon but I do know that no matter how long I live in Milwaukee one thing is for sure: I will never be a Packer fan.


  1. Amen to that! Besides, Packer fans stink like stinky cheese. ;)
    (Sports bring out the elementary school student in all of us...)

  2. oh yes. i did the milwaukee thang, and i will never be a packers fan. nor a brewers fan (although i went to a few games), or a bucks fan. i think i would be more willing to accept those wisconsinites than they were willing to accept me as a F.I.B. talk about crazy hatred! i wish you good luck there! and yes, although i've just converted to a red sox fan, i'll still cheer for my chicago teams when my current teams have failed. :) i love being wishy-washy. (i prefer to think of it as flexible). when do you guys move?

  3. I used to be an avid Cleveland Browns fan - back in the Cardiac Kids days. I completely lost interest in football when Art Modell moved the team to Baltimore. It doesn't look like I'll be taking up any space on the couch on Sunday afternoons in the foreseeable future. But I'm happy for Chicagoans. The Sox aren't the Cubs. But, hey. :)

  4. Brandi- I wish we were moving TOMORROW but we're going to put our house on the market after the holidays and go from there. I can't wait!