Thursday, October 6, 2005

And Junk Did Raineth Down Upon Me

For quite some time now I have been "clean-sweeping" out my house in anticipation of our upcoming move. If we didn't already produce the most trash on our block, we have most definitely blown everyone away these past few weeks. It has been very liberating to rid myself of years of stuff that has been weighing me (and our house) down.

Over the weekend I had my dad over to help fix a few little things, one being the bathroom fan in our master bath. In order to get at the wiring better, he needed to access the fan through the attic in the girls bedroom. The attic is basically tiny crawl space with a bunch of insulation (or so I thought, having never actually been up there.) Anyway, he ended up pulling out three boxes of junk from one of the previous owners and found a fourth one as well that he couldn't quite reach. The boxes are full of old photos, birthday cards and letters, sports awards, knick-knacks and other junk from about 10 years ago.

Doesn't it just figure that as soon as I finished getting rid of all my crap I had to have someone else's bestowed on me.

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