Monday, June 14, 2004

Taking It Easy

I would like to state (or rather shout) for the proverbial record that I LOVE PRE-SCHOOL!!!! Three times a week now I get two glorious hours in which I am not asked to play tea party, hopscotch, Super Mario World or Play-Doh. I love love love my Juliana but I also love being able to go into Target and not have to explain why I can't buy every single thing in the store that is pink, glittery, and/or sugar-coated. I have a hard enough time restraining myself from extraneous purchases that I don't need sales pitches from an almost-four-year-old as well. Today, after dropping Juli off at school and with Ava happily napping in her carseat carrier, I got to spend an hour sunning myself in the backyard while reading "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone". Yes, I'm well aware I'm way behind the times in jumping on the HP bandwagon but give me a break- I've been busy, and quite frankly a little out of touch. I'm catching up though, ever so slowly.

I've been in a fairly good mood this week since in the wake of Reagan-Palooza I distanced myself as far as possible from the news media. It's amazing what wonders doing such a thing can do for one's soul. I get so conflicted somtimes because I want to be a well-informed, educated person but at times I just can't take all the spin. I've also been weaning myself off of a couple of uber-conservative websites and this also seems to be helping my mental stability. Sometimes knowing the opposition a little too well can be hard on one's sanity.

But back to the fun fluffy stuff! I got to hit a few garage sales with Ava last Friday and I picked up a number of games for Juliana including Hungry Hungry Hippos and a Spirogrph. I also found globe for a dollar! I was so excited about this purchase (maybe a little too excited?) Anyway, it still has the old Soviet Union on it, but it does have a united Germany so it's not too terribly out of date. I own a globe though. I can teach my daughter geography now. I am such a nerd and I love it.

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