Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Fair and Balanced?

"I will note the one undeniable benefit of the movie's success. It provides a handy reference to the intelligence of the person who sees it. If you encounter anyone speaking in tones even remotely approaching respect for the movie, you have proof positive that the speaker is a fool, not to be trusted on any point, for he or she has given testimony as to their ignorance of basic facts and of an inability to detect even elephant-sized inconsistencies in argument and story line."

-Hugh Hewitt (speaking about Fahrenheit 9/11 on the Fox News Channel)

Thanks for insulting a massive chunk of the movie-going public. And you wonder why I don't watch Fox News? Jason has been watching the channel a bit the past couple of days and this is just one of the incredibly slanted statements I have heard. Is the new strategy to tell people they must be stupid if they go see this movie? It's one thing to disagree but the call the other side a bunch of fools is ridiculous. I also heard Bill O'Reilly call Michael Moore insane and one of his guests refer to the ACLU as a bunch of wackos. I don't know why stuff like this is considered real, unbiased journalism. I mean, I listen to liberal talk radio and and least know that what I'm hearing is slanted and biased. That's why I seek out other types of news sources as well online. Plus, talk radio is not the mainstream news that the majority of people tune into at the end of the day like the major networks are.

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