Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Power of Home Renovation


This may not look like much but it's making me sooooo happy right now. Tomorrow it will be finished!


  1. Are you guys hiring that out? How's it going? I fear the uneven floors in this old house that are sure to be there, lurking underneath the current bathroom flooring...

  2. I wish I had a home to renovate! Can't wait to see finished photos!

  3. Sarah- Yep, we hired it out. A friend of a my best friend does it for a living and he did a great job. He also said that there wasn't a square corner in the room at all. Not surprising for a house built in 1903 I guess! At least the floors were fairly level though. I'm so happy I got rid of that god awful dirty blue linoleum! Now if only I could get a beautiful claw foot tub and a walk-in shower... Houses are dangerous because once you start changing things you start spiraling out of control.