Wednesday, March 8, 2006

I'll Shut Up About My Birthday Now, I Promise

You have new Picture Mail!

Originally uploaded by plural.

Look! I'm all glowy!

This was taken before Jason and I went out for steak and wine. I didn't have a cake but Juli wanted to sing to me so we lit the candles at the dining room table and I blew those out.


  1. 'Shoulder mounted laser canons!' I love it!
    So cute! New haircut too? So cute!

  2. Nah, I just had my hair pulled back. I've been trying too long to grow it out to cut it!
    Jason was just saying this morning that the candles looked kind of like headlight boobs, but a tad to high.

  3. Jason's right! That comment reminds me of National Lampoon's Vacation when he falls asleep driving, and Christie Brinkley takes her shirt off and reveals headlights, and he wakes up! Is that the right movie? Too funny!