Wednesday, February 15, 2006



Ok, Steph wants to take the ballet class with me so now I'm all hyped up about it! I went up to the attic and dug up whatever leotards and tights I still had from my college days and tried some stuff on. Luckily it all still fits and I look pretty much the same as I did six years ago. Yay for me! My ballet shoes are really tight though- probably since my big, flat feet grew a size after having two babies. Since I was all dolled up in my gear I stated doing a series of plies I'm not surprised that my body felt like a big pile of doody. My hips are so unbelievably stiff! I spent an hour working through some stretches and barre exercises and now I'm feeling pretty good. I feel like such a nerd for being excited about a beginning ballet class but I'm an old lady now as far as dancers go though and I'm a big chicken as well since I've been out of the dance loop for so incredibly long. At least I have a couple of weeks though before I will be doing this in a public setting.

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  1. Congratulations on starting up dance again, and man, on your stuff fitting you too! How exciting. And that's cool that Stephanie is going to go with you! Sounds like fun. I just need to find my motivation for going to a dance class too, although it is hip hop. Haha...