Monday, February 13, 2006

Must. Update. Blog.

I don't really have anything interesting to say but I feel like this space has been woefully neglected since our move so I'll try to fill it with something. It may not be terribly interesting but it will be, well, something to say the least.

I found a dance class I'm going to take! It's been almost three years since I've been in class and six years since I was dancing on a daily basis so I'm hyped. To take dance in Bartlett you pretty much had to be a little kid, but Danceworks here in Milwaukee has an intermediate modern class on Monday nights starting the day after my birthday in March! There is an advanced class as well so hopefully I'll be able to work my way back up there eventually. If this goes well I'm thinking about signing up for ballet as too since I haven't taken ballet since I left Columbia the first time in 2000. I miss being at the barre and really working up a sweat. I'm no ballerina but I've always enjoyed the precision and control of ballet exercises and I think I need something like that right now. Plus it seems to balance out all that flopping around you tend to do in modern class. So woot for being sweaty! And for venturing outside of my house that I've been cocooned in for the past month!

Ok, so maybe that was mildly interesting.

Also interesting: I did some more digging around on the message board that my identity thief was posting on and I found out that she had changed Jason's name to "Lorenzo." That's a good Italian luv-ah name for you, eh?

Not so interesting but bothersome for me: I hate Time Warner cable. I won't' even post a link to them because I hate them so. For some reason, NBC (of all networks) is not coming in on my television so there is a severe lack of figure skating and ski-jumping in my house right now. First it was Bravo that was all messed up so I couldn't watch "Project Runway", and now I have no Olympics. Curse you Time Warner! I need to watch insanely physically fit people while I eat my mint chocolate chip ice cream! Their stupid marketing slogan is "The Power of You" and every time I see their ad I think I might use the power of me to cancel my service and get satellite already.

None of those things were even remotely related but that's what I've been thinking about this morning. I'm kind of all over the place these days.

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  1. Okay, something's messed up with my Google mail account now, so you're getting this posted....
    Please pretty please! take the ballet class with me!
    Ballet 1 is offered on Tuesday nights, and I bet I could figure out a babysitter (ahem, Jason? :D ) for you and I to go dance together.... Pretty please! Tracey wants TWO dance classes! Yes, she does! I'm much less likely to sign up if you're not in class with me.
    Wow. That sounded, like, so totally 1992.
    Let me know.