Thursday, February 2, 2006

I Need a Makeover, Bebe!

I've always wanted to use that South Park line for a title and now I finally have! (Most of you are all like, "Huh?" but Jason (and probably Diane) will get it and it will be funny. Trust me. )

Anyway, my site is feeling old and musty and it needs an overhaul. Steph and I were lamenting the lackluster design of our websites over a couple of beers the other night and I have decided that since my surroundings at home have been changing, so should my bloggity-blog.

So look for a new layout soon. With pretty colors! And more goofy sidebar photos. 'Cause I like that.


  1. I have to change my design often to keep myself interested in it. I get bored, and then switch to something new. I wish I could html, css, or something else in the design dept., but until then I have to rely on templates.
    Excited to see the changes!

  2. Ha ha! I did get that Southpark reference and giggled. Although for the life of me I can't remember the it the one where Stan falls for the substitute teacher?
    Glad to see you & Ollie got in touch--FINALLY. And speaking of things long overdue, thank you so much for the awesome holiday picture of the girls. :) What a nice surprise!