Saturday, January 28, 2006

You Know You Live In Milwaukee When:

Your child goes on a field trip to the Miller Brewery and returns with a Beer Bank.



  1. For some reason, that's a bit troubling. But hey, I loved "Laverne & Shirley".

  2. Oh, I agree it's completely disturbing! The theme at Juliana's school this year is "Celebrate Milwaukee!" so I guess they are obligated to visit a brewery though being it's a part of the city's history?

  3. oh my goodness - that is so funny, and yes, completely disturbing. shouldn't that be illegal taking children to a brewery for a school project? i mean, they legally can't even visit the website (you have to click on 'over 21'.....hmm....
    now i should fess up that i own a t-shirt that says 'queen of the clubs' with the miller high life logo. oh yes. my camping t-shirt.
    i do miss that area sometimes. port washington, cedarburg, that good little coffee place downtown. the great northern bean dip at milwaukee ale house (try it!!!) so good.....