Thursday, January 19, 2006


Oh my god is the unpacking/cleaning/painting process slooooow. Thank goodness for all-day kindergarten at least or I'd never get anything done! I still haven't gotten around to the whole taking pictures thing but I pinky swear I'll for sure get to it this weekend. While you wait here's a little factoid for you:

The official weight of the Gessner Family's collective lives is approximately ten thousand pounds.

A few weeks ago when the movers were hauling our stuff up here they stopped at a weigh station and that was the weight of all our junk. Yes, I did say TEN THOUSAND pounds. Mind you this is not including our two cars, all the stuff we had crammed into those two cars and our actual persons. This is also after I spent a couple of solid months obsessed with the organizational show "Clean Sweep". In the words of Keanu, I believe I must say: "Whoa."

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