Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Running on Empty

Today is (hopefully) our last full day staying at the hotel. I have been told that the top finish coat on the floor will be done tomorrow and I can get back into my house tomorrow afternoon- although we'll see just what he means by afternoon.

I had planned to go to Cost Plus World Market today while Juli was in school to buy a dining room table and chairs. However, I'm fairly sure that the 40% off coupon I had Jason print out for me is in fact still in his backpack on it's way to Chicago. Bah! Also, it appears I only have 12 minutes of battery power left on my laptop and my power cable seems to have mysteriously disappeared. What am I going to do today if I can't shop or compute??? Steph is working a double shift today so I can't go bother her at her house. Send help!

No, seriously. I have no idea what to do all day today.


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