Monday, January 9, 2006

I'm Here. Sort of.

We are currently in Day 12 of limbo when it comes to our beloved home and in Day 9 of the floor refinishing project. Basically on moving day we moved everything into either the attic or basement since all the rooms needed to be clear for the refinishing job. Then Jason and I proceeded to tear out some of the most disgusting floor coverings I could ever imagine. I mean, I knew the carpet was ugly, but oooh the utter funk that lay beneath. Do people just not notice when they are living in dirt? Or do they not care? I'm sure the previous owners were nice people and all but seriously: EW. I think I sneezed for two days straight. (By the way, I spent New Year's Eve hunched over on the floor ripping out hundreds of little staples! And how was your night?)

Originally we thought we'd be able to stay in the house while the floors were sanded down and stained. Ha. We also thought the project would be done by the end of last week. Double Ha! The first couple of days we thought it was cute and fun to have the whole family in the attic on mattresses like some kind of sleepover party. But now? Ehhhhh, not so much. We've been staying at the County Clare since last Wednesday and though I adore this place, the novelty of living in a hotel with your two kids wore out about four days ago.

Wah-Wah. Poor me. Truthfully it has been rougher than rough to occupy the kids all day long when there is no place to go and their patience has been running waaaay thin with the not having a real house to live in or any toys to play with and stuff but Jason reminded me that although I may feel like we are in hell sometimes, it is after all, Comfortable-Middle-Class Hell-- which if you think about it isn't really too shabby. "Boo-hoo! I'm stuck in a lovely hotel suite surrounded by helpful friends while waiting to move into my beautiful HUGE new house in a city I love."

Shut up, Tracey.

(I still wanna go home!)

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